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SwiftKey Cloud Beta Update

When it comes to typing apps and keyboard add-ons for Android , it is just SwiftKey. Recently , on 12th August 2013 , SwiftKey has been updated to a beta version and is available for download on the Google Play Store for Rs.50/- for Indian customers. It is worth buying this app because SwiftKey has officially released the updated features.

SwiftKey for Android ( Smartphones and Tablets )
SwiftKey for Android ( Smartphones and Tablets )

New features include :

  1. The words and phrases that matter to you will now be securely backed up and seamlessly synced across your devices. If your phone or tablet gets an upgrade, or gets lost or stolen, there is no longer any need to teach SwiftKey the people, places and things you mention most as you type. It gets backed up and restored very fast and automatically.
  2. SwiftKey technology will analyze Twitter , Facebook and local news sources to sift out the most relevant daily discussions and trending topics. As per the information , it is launching first for English (AU, US & UK), Arabic, Dutch, French (FR), German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese (PT & BR), Russian, Spanish (ES & LA), Swedish and Turkish with support for more languages on the way and all users got to do is just wait for some more time.
  3. SwiftKey is making it all easier than ever by learning from users writing style.

Download : SwiftKey Keyboard for Rs.50/- on Google Play Store

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