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Skip for Moto X

Setup and use Skip for Moto X

It is time. Motorola Skip is a wear-it-anywhere accessory that allows users to easily unlock your phone with a single tap. Motorola has really put up with all technological advancements. Recently , the Moto X which was launched has created a huge impact and as of now the Skip for Moto X is going to change the full ball game for the better. Just 5 easy steps and you are ready to go and wear it on the move anywhere as reported by a source.

Skip for Moto X
Skip for Moto X

Setup Skip:

  1. On your device , go to
  2. Select Play Store.
  3. Click update.
  4. Make sure NFC is enabled.
  5. Go to Settings -> More… -> NFC ( Check It )
  6. Tap your Motorola Skip to the back of your phone to start the setup.

Un-pairing and Renaming :

  1. Touch Image
  2. Touch Settings
  3. Touch Security
  4. Touch Manage NFC Unlock
  5. Touch Manage
  6. Touch the device
  7. Touch Rename or Un-pair

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