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Ubuntu Lockscreen

Ubuntu Lockscreen adds looks to Android

If you like the look of Ubuntu Touch or just Ubuntu’s overall color scheme you can now because a source has provided some news and a way to do so. Ubuntu Lockscreen can turn your boring old slide-to-unlock into something a bit more useful and fun to use. The app includes and supports app notifications, SMS alerts, live animations and password unlock. This all can be found in one place plus it is functional and fun to use for various things.

Ubuntu Lockscreen
Ubuntu Lockscreen

Ubuntu Lockscreen is the work of XDA Developer Rotary Heart, who has been working a lot on the project for a long time and it is designed in such a way that users can emulate the look of Ubuntu Touch by which notifications appear in the center of the animated circle just under the clock on screen. As of now the Lockscreen app supports notifications for SMS and missed calls but Rotary Heart is adding Facebook, WhatsApp, e-mail and system notifications in the next update very soon. It is better is you download it from the Google Play Store for free and get well versed with this version so that the updated one is easier to comprehend and use. Music playback controls are supported so that users can pause and skip songs without unlocking your device. It saves a lot of time and trouble. Imagine you are riding a bike and your device is locked , you will be able to skip to the next track without unlocking your device.

We would advice you to install the app and send us the screenshots so that we can publish your device that runs with the app.If you run into issues , please feel free to add your comments below and we will assist you with a positive response and solution.

Download : Ubuntu Lockscreen App

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