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Paranoid Android : New and Coming Soon

When it comes to Paranoid Android , it means big and better than the rest. The ROM is the best for many Android devices and always comes with something exclusive and cool at the same time.The Paranoid Android Team while making the ROM focus on speed, stability or a close-to-AOSP feel which gives users new ways to use the phone with features like PIE navigation and HALO. The Paranoid Android Team is always trying to push things into the ROM and create better than the best.

The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean got dropped on 24th July 2013 and since then all ROM makers everywhere have been hard at work porting to phones and fixing bugs. Paranoid Android Team was not getting a problem but they were busy working on something ” better “.

Paranoid Android is now at version 3.95 and here is what has changed in their most recent build. We have provided a screenshot below with detailed specifications from a trusted source.

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Image Source : ( )

Letting the news a bit off track , CyanogenMod recently announced their Nemesis program and we would mention more about it in future. As of Paranoid Android , it is truly great and worth trying this instance.

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