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Android-based Chromecast rooted

Android users can plug the Chromecast into their TV using an HDMI input and will also have to connect it to their home WiFi network. As soon as the device is set up, users can control their TV and the content they watch by simply using their Android smartphone or tablet like a TV remote.

Giving an example , you are finding a YouTube video on a smartphone and just by tapping on a new “Cast” icon to tell the device to send the video to the TV through Chromecast can be carried out with ease and speed. In case you are worried that while you are live-streaming a video on your TV , you won’t be able to carry out any other work on your device , it is negative. Basically , Chromecast talks to smartphones and tablets to figure out what content to play, the content itself is being pulled directly from cloud. This means that users can keep using their smartphone for other tasks while playing video on Chromecast.

The video above shows that how the Chromecast is rooted and developers could learn a lot from it. It is not a one stop technology but there will be a lot more in that direction in the near future very soon. 

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