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VithU: V Gumrah Initiative

Corresponding to the Delhi rape case which is known globally , there is preventive action taken for the future in many areas. People are working towards protecting the dignity on women in all sectors of the society. India’s famous TV serial known as ” Gumrah ” has portrayed a lot of true stories regarding women and exploitation over many episodes. This show is broadcast-ed on Channel V and there is an app created by Channel V to help protect and provide any women in danger a quick help to notify others of her situation.

Image Source : Google Play Store
Image Source : Google Play Store

Channel V and Gumrah concerned persons have named the app ” VithU ” and it is available on the Google Play Store with a 4.8/5 stars rating. Basically ,VithU is an emergency App that, at the click of the power button of your Android smartphone 2 times consecutively begins sending out alert messages every 2 minutes to your contacts that you feed into the app as the designated receivers or guardians. The VithU app does not cost even a penny for download so if you would like to be secure , this is the best way.

The alert message says “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location.

The receiver will receive a link to your location every 2 minutes giving them your updated location. Once you have installed the app on your Android smartphone which needs to be powered by an Android OS that is Android 2.2 and above to be compatible. Ending positively and with all good faith , if you have been a victim or witnessed a Crime you can share the incident with Channel V by posting it in the “Submit Your Story” option in the Menu Bar or even comment below.

Before you head over to the download of the VithU app , you could view some screenshots of how the app will look like on your Android smartphone.

VithU Instructions

VIthU Add Contacts

VithU Alert Message

VithU for Android

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