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Ubuntu Edge smartphone seeks $32m of crowdfunded cash

Canonical is seeking to raise $32 million within the next 30 days to produce 40,000 devices and they have begun offering a version of its system which can be run on a limited number of Android devices in February 2013 and does not charge for the download. If Canonical manages to reach their target they will use Indiegogo to deliver the phones to qualifying backers by May 2014. This project is a pure competitor to the Pebble SmartWatch.

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Linux-based Ubuntu is different to other smartphone operating systems because it can run the same desktop applications as a PC installed with its software. Programs look like a standard mobile app when the handset is being used as a standalone device, and then change their user interfaces to that of a desktop application when the phone is docked with a monitor as said by source.

Mark ShuttleworthCanonical’s Chief Executive ) defended saying ;
 Enthusiasts would secure a “Formula 1” device. The new handsets will have substantially more RAM than a typical high-end phone. I would describe today’s devices as being more useful as a thin client. What we’re interested in is the next generation, giving you enough horsepower to actually have the full desktop experience powered by the phone. 
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Ubuntu Edge would be made by an Asian manufacturer which already made handsets for other firms but declined to name the company as of now. It will be declared later and we will be sure to come up with an update.

Nick DillonSenior Analyst at Telecoms Consultancy Ovum ) says ;
 There’s a groundswell of operating systems coming to market. The challenge for Ubuntu is it needs to offer something unique and compelling. Using your phone as your single device is different, but at the moment it seems a niche proposition. Ubuntu has been relatively successful in the PC market, but it’s not a big consumer brand in the way some of the other big mobile companies like Microsoft , Blackberry and Nokia are having a tough time of it. 
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