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Android Users less likely to pay for apps

A new report from analytics company, Flurry suggests that consumers are not willing to pay for mobile Apps even though developers release their apps for free. This cannot be seen across all platforms but Android users are particularly unlikely to pay for apps up front.

Flurry’s study shows that between 2010 and 2012 the free apps accounted for between 80% and 84% of all app downloads. As we are in the year 2013 , the number grew to 90% of all apps and does not appear to be changing for a long time now. The informative image below portrays a picture of the disparity between iOS and Android users. There are more statistics to the same but people often prefer to go visual than read text matter.

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Worldwide Android users feel that when apps are available for free let us go ahead and download but when it comes to purchasing an app they think twice. Developers are prompt about this and go ahead buying the app for different purposes. Even though most of the apps on the Google Play Store , there is no much revenue for the developers compared to other platforms.

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