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DJ Studio 5 for Android

DJ Studio 5

DJ Studio 5 for Android
DJ Studio 5 for Android

Music is the best and the very best way of life and caters to every ear a quality of rhythms. The Apps that we have taken over to review is an app that will help amateurs and disc-jockeys to a certain extent to practice and better up. Presenting to you the DJ Application for Android with millions of downloads over the Google Play Store and has a rating of 4.1/5 stars.

DJ Interface 1
DJ Interface 1
DJ Interface 2
DJ Interface 2

DJ and non-DJ’s can use this app as it is very easy to comprehend and has a packed User Interface , yet well managed. In the beginning it will be a bit hectic to find certain settings and even loops but later on once you get the hang of it , it is a piece of cake. Before you download , you would definitely want to know whether you really require this app or not.

APP TESTED ON : HCL ME Y1 and Samsung Galaxy TAB 2
APP RATING : 4.1 / 5 stars

The main key features to note about the DJ Studio 5 :

  • 2 desks on one screen
  • Skinnable decks with up to 7 skins
  • Unique scratch engine and disc physics
  • 3-bands equalizer for each deck
  • 10 customizable sample pads
  • Browse your tracks by grene , artist or even carry out a direct search
  • Single editable playlist
  • 8 sound effects: Flanger, Phaser, Bit crusher, 3D, Brake , Gate, Reverb and FlippingDoubles
  • Share your mixes on SoundCloud
  • Live waveform views with zoom
  • Designed for all Nexus devices
  • One CUE/RECALL points per deck
  • IN/OUT and beat based loops
  • Pre-Cueing with headphones or Y-cable
  • Automatic landscape and portrait mode
  • Live record your mixes with the mic
  • Auto-mix feature

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