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Samsung Galaxy S4 rated more compared to iPhone 5

Currently , if anyone is asked ” Which is the best smartphone ? ” the replies will mostly be ” Samsung Galaxy S4 ” or even the ” Apple iPhone5 ” but to my shock , Apple is down in this aspect. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is rated as a better phone compared to the iPhone 5. This shows that Android too can make a big difference.

Image Source : GizMag
Image Source : GizMag

The iPhone 5 came in for a barrage of complaints for everything from its lack of innovation to its new power connector socket and its mapping application but being such a great phone with an exquisite design over the years , the Samsung Galaxy S4 beating the count is just something deeper.  I have provided a criteria of comparisons below by which the gain and loss can be seen.

Launch day conversations :

  • iPhone 5 – 1.7 million
  • Galaxy S4 – 140,000

Brand Criticism:

  • iPhone 5 – 20%
  • Galaxy S4 – 11 %

Brand Appeal :

  • iPhone 5 – 42%
  • Galaxy S4 – 20%


  • Galaxy S4 – 56%
  • iPhone 5 – 29%

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