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Android has been the main target for the staff and extended team at Since 2007, Android has been getting updated with better features and most of the users are unaware of most of the changes in the Android world.

Google has let the world play with an operating system so that people can learn, earn and also develop which is the main focus. was founded on 1st July 2013 and over time has seen the good scenario as well as the tough but has managed to do the best to provide the exclusive and latest news on Android.

You have looked beneath Android and now it is time to have a look at the titans behind the curtain.

We are open to aspirants who want to be associated with one of India’s renowned Android community and you can either join us or send us your articles.



Nigel Nelson Quadros, a versatile tech-savvy professional who started on 1st July 2013 is always doing and thinking beyond something different and making a mark wherever he goes.

Android has been his clique since 2009 because he found that Google truly has given a chance for every young aspiring teen to work their way through the OS.

He has been using devices powered by Google’s Android OS as well as Nokia, BlackBerry and many others. Having a good knowledge of HTML, he has designed websites for many clients and  received compliments for his work.

He faces issues on his Android devices and has the drive to find out “why” and “solve”.

He is one soul who just knows how to get the work done and works in an atmosphere where ” If he is given a task to complete, however small it may be, he delivers it in the best way”.

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