Moto X shipping to carriers on 29th July 2013 ?

Taylor Wimberly ( Google+ Page ) posted some unverified information indicating that the Moto X smartphones will be shipping out to U.S. carriers on Monday, 29th July 2013. Corresponding to the Google Post , Motorola has a press event planned for Thursday in New York to officially unveil and reveal the Moto X. Some people have already […]


Moto X camera interface revealed ( On-Screen Tutorial )

A lot of leaks of the Motorola’s Moto X have been seen past few days and now a source has got their first in-depth look at a big component of the software experience and that is the camera. In several different screenshots of the User Interface obtained by AndroidPolice , the refined Motorola camera UI […]


Moto X launch confirmed for 1st August 2013

Eric and Larry Page were excited by using the Moto X and now it is about time for the world to see it live. Motorola has confirmed the launch date on 1st August 2013 in New York and there is no doubt about the same.   Also read : Moto X gets Larry Page excited and Schmidt spotted […]


Moto X gets Larry Page excited

Google is very excited for you to see what it has up its sleeve for the upcoming Moto X smartphone. Until the Moto X is released , nothing much can be said. Larry Page said repeatedly that he was “excited” by what the Motorola team had cooked up and did not extend with more information […]

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Moto X Phone : Hands On Video

Today , there was a lot of news that Reddit user put online a video showing the proper functionality of the Moto X, which is apparently dubbed Open Mic as the smartphone listens to your voice commands even when the screen is turned off and the phone is locked. There is a lot more about the […]


Schmidt spotted using a Moto X

Eric Schmidt was seen using a Moto X and many sources have also said the same. The smile on his face indicates a lot of enthusiasm that would not been seen on others faces. It is a great achievement for Motorola for the same and really comprehensible that it will create an impact on launch. […]


Moto X will be announced on 11th July 2013 ?

Looking at the image above , the shapes of the man and the woman jumping off into the water represent something. If you are unable to figure out the same , it is the Roman numerals of ” X “ and ” I “. A video below will give you more information about what is going on regarding the […]