Google Now website redesigned with animated cards

Google is always at their best when it comes to designing and updating their products, apps and even websites. Google has now launched a revamped Google Now website which looks more exquisite and beautiful with the animation. The site is neatly packed with a bunch of videos, pretty images and amazing animations which gives a […]


Google Now – Now Even Better!

Google Now which initially launched on the Jelly bean is Google’s very own voice search engine. It went head to head with Apple’s Siri and beat it in almost all aspects. It is considered to be the best voice search engine till date. And there is some good news. With the new and improved Kitkat […]


Aviate is meant to bring Android into the future

THE OLD WEB : It was built on the assumption that people wanted to find information quickly and with ease and companies fought to build the best search engines so much so that they even changed their websites to get a better ranking on whichever engine won and purchased ads just in case their efforts […]