OnePlus One

CyanogenMod will not support OnePlus One in India

OnePlus has just announced a deal between Cyanogen Inc and Micromax. The company has stated that the new system for the One will be available by February 2015.


CyanogenMod 11.0 M2 released

CyanogenMod fans are in for a treat just as the year has commenced as the CyanogenMod team has released CM11 M2 which has been queued up for over 65 devices and their bots are hard at work compiling.

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CyanogenMod installed on over 10 million Android devices

The 2013 year has been very fruitful and pretty big for the CyanogenMod team. After deciding and officially announcing that it was becoming its own company, the team confirmed its partnership with Oppo for a limited CyanogenMod edition of the N1 and followed that up by unleashing its CyanogenMod Installer Tool for Android developers and users.

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CyanogenMod cases available for LG Nexus 5

CyanogenMod has teamed up with Cruzerlite to present a range of Official CyanogenMod cases for all LG Nexus 5 owners and the cases are available in four colors such as Black, Smoke,Teal and Clear. Each of the cases come at a price of US $14.90. This range of mobile accessory will truly thrill the crowd […]


Android devices may soon mirror their screen to Chromecast

Android screen mirroring to Chromecast “very soon” and plans as such are been working around with Google which will allow users to stream their phone screen to a television set seamlessly. It was found in Android 4.4.1 code by Koushik Dutta (Co-founder of CyanogenMod). Even then, there is noting clear as to when Google plans to release […]


CM 11 M1: Android 4.4 KitKat ROM milestone already on Nexus devices

Google has recently released an Android 4.4 KitKat firmware to improve camera and audio performance on the Nexus 5 and other Nexus devices, the CyanogenMod team have hit their first milestone release with CM 11 M1. Sticking to the fact that the milestone build has appeared before any officially released nightlies for CM 11 is a good change […]

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CyanogenMod 10.2.0 stable build released

  There is truly great news for CyanogenMod lovers as well as for all Android developers as the stable release of the CM 10.2.0 is now available for download and use. The availability of the custom firmware which is based on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for the devices and thus moving the focus of CyanogenMod […]


Oppo N1 on sale from 10th December 2013 at $599 in the U.S

People across the globe are waiting for the Oppo N1 and here’s the good news that the device will be going on for sale direct to the consumers commencing on 10th December 2013 at US $599 in the U.S. and €449 in Europe. Apart from all other features and specifications of the Oppo N1, the device […]

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Beta Testers Sign-Up list opens up for CyanogenMod Installer

Did you ever have a dream to be a beta tester for the CyanogenMod Installer and if you have , CyanogenMod along with Mr.Koushik Dutta are looking out for usability testers and testers who can validate the driver packages across a broader range of Windows installations and PCs. This is just the chance for an […]


Android alternative boosted by $7m funding

The CyanogenMod allows Android smartphone users to swap the official version of Android for one that gives them more control over their device which can vary from a smartphone to a tablet , provided it is powered by an Android OS. It is reportedly mentioned that it has been installed on over seven million Android […]


G+ Event for the Hangout on Air BABBQ13

All we can say about this event is that we have received a cordial invitation to attend it online. Join Aaron Kasten as he talks with Drew Suarez , Steve Kondik  & Koushik Dutta from the CyanogenMod Team as they will be teasing their upcoming presentations at the BABBQ13. This event missed will be a big loss for Android developers worldwide and we would appreciate if […]

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CyanogenMod 10.1.3 RC1

As we had previously reported about the CyanogenMod , there will be major enhancements and it will be appreciated by all Android and CyanogenMod users around the globe. Recently , CyanogenMod has shared openly on Google+ that it is getting ready and to have patience by not hitting ” refresh” every now and then. This is […]


Major enhancements to the Theme Engine in CyanogenMod

Some important updates about the CyanogenMod have been shared on Google+ by Steve Kondik and a request is put forth to you to help out in deciding some major enhancements to the Theme Engine. We would appreciate your suggestions in the form of comments below. There is no restriction to comments ( developers as well […]


CyanogenMod planning Device Finder app

The CyanogenMod Team has been working very hard to launch planning Device Finder app which would allow users to be a little more secure and have a lot of security anytime. Looking step by step , the CyanogenMod Account has been submitted to the CyanogenMod Github which allows developers to review the codes and provide […]