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Datawind DroidSurfer 10, DroidSurfer 7 launched in India


On Monday, Datawind launched two highly affordable netbooks running Android for the Indian market under the 'DroidSurfer' series which is already quite famous called the DroidSurfer 10 and the DroidSurfer 7 priced at Rs.8,000/- and Rs.6,000/- respectively.

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Android is better than Windows

Android vs Windows

Android outwits Microsoft’s Windows OS in many ways which revolve around looks, user-interface and apps. Android is by far the best operating mobile system.

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Macbeth D’cruz

Macbeth D'cruz Xiaomi Redmi 2

You are the reason that I got my Xiaomi Redmi 2 as well because of the news articles and reviews that are updated on India's Largest Android Community.

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