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  1. Hello, we at anant apps have developed AppLock Zilla – the next generation applocker for the next generation android smartphones. AppLock Zilla boasts every single feature that any other applocker could possibly have, and yet has several completely unique features among which are Rhythm Lock and Tap Lock.
    Among several other features such as group locks, location/time based profiles lock, media vault, third eye, remote protection, toggle protection and 7 different types of locks to secure your apps and data, AppLock Zilla is like no other app locker you have ever seen.
    People are already loving AppLock Zilla and we are sure you will love it too. Just give AppLock Zilla a chance to show you how it is different from those several other applockers on the Google Play Store.
    Thank You,
    Husain Parvez

  2. Hello AndroGuru,

    I am Binh Nguyen, owner of Do It Later app on Android. We come from Hnib team in Vietnam , a small team with less than 5 members.
    I would like to ask you to review our app : Do It Later on Android. Below is the link of app.

    Do It Later is a message scheduler app which can help user schedule a SMS message, Gmail sending, Twitter posting. It also works like a Reminder app as well.
    There are over 50K users around the world are using the app (50% come from US). The app supported English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, Bahasa, Romania, Vietnamese.

    New year 2019 is coming and I believe so many users need a tools to auto send a SMS “Happy new year” at 00:00 AM 2019/01/01.
    So i would like to ask you review our app. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to get feedback from you.


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