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We would like to hear about your experiences with Android ( Smartphones to Tablets ) so that we can assist you if you have any issues. If you need assistance with buying an Android device , we are just a form away. When it comes to advertising and tipping about hot topics you could do the same here below or even contact us.

If you feel that you could make a difference with your thoughts and ideas about Android, we would be glad to hear about the same. We are always hiring new talents and Android enthusiasts who are interested in sharing their experiences about Android. We have successfully completed 5 years and have opened new offices in Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad in order to increase sales on Android App Development.

We are immensely busy answering people from across the globe with solutions about issues faced on Android devices so we might not be able to reply within a few seconds. Kindly understand that our response time will vary from anywhere between 2-5 hours.

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Office Address : AndroGuru Media Private Limited, Moradia dos Quadros, P.O.Piedade, St.Mathias , Malar , Amboi , Diwar, Goa, India - 403403
Mobile : +91 832 2280 777
Email : support[at]androguru[dot]com


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  2. i need a mobile phone. i have liked sony xperia z1 compact very much,..but it’s very costly !!
    can you please tell me similar phone with less price ?
    Please tell best similar phones only.
    think you are buying for yourself 🙂


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