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Nokia X listed online at Rs.8500 with 15 March availability

There have been numerous rumors about Nokia first Android device called the X. Just to start with the good news, the Nokia X has been now listed on an online retailer in India with a price of Rs.8,500/-. Added to the device and the time-frame is the claim that the Nokia X will be available from 15th March 2014.

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HTC M8 would be protected

There have been multiple rumors and speculations about the HTC M8 over two months and just recently @evleaks has posted an image of the HTC M8 on Twitter with a protective cover that would prove as a safety measure for the device. People who have replied to the tweet are hoping to see the HTC M8 without the top button as it would prove as a turn-off.

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Full resolution Galaxy S5 test photo for AT&T

We are glad to share the information about the Samsung Galaxy S5 once again. According to a leak by @evleaks on Twitter, a full resolution test photo with the Galaxy S5 for AT&T has been taken at 5312 x 2988.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 listed with 1080p display on retailer website

There is so much excitement and eagerness to have a glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S5 as the days are passing by towards the launch. In connection to the Galaxy S5, there are numerous speculations and rumors about it and we would we sure to deliver all of it with even the taste of something sure.

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