Lenovo sells 3 million Moto M units in less than six months

Clive Fernandes
March 25, 2017

Lenovo sells 3 million Moto M - AndroGuru

Moto M was launched during the last quarter of the last year by Lenovo. It seems that this device satisfied the needs of the mid-range segment users with its stunning specifications and affordable pricing, making it perhaps one of the best in class phones in big markets like China and India.

Thus, the Moto M managed to live up to it’s desired purpose as it has already sold over 3 million units in just over 6 months. Clearly, the Moto M is one of Lenovo’s fastest and best selling mid-range smartphones. Official reports point out that Lenovo has already witnessed a 20% increase in its revenue due to the roaring sales of the Moto M in markets such as China.

Why stop at China?

To name a few, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand and Poland are some of the markets Lenovo plans to head to next.

Moto M - AndroGuru

Perhaps the specifications can explain why this phone has flown off the shelves. With a 5.5 inch full HD display, it also comes with a MediaTek Helio P1- SoC and IPxx certification making it splash resistant. The device is available with two alternatives. The first is a 3GB RAM & 32GB ROM and the second is a 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM. A 16 MP back camera with a LED flash will give you some pretty clean and crisp images too. The selfie fan will be thrilled with the 8MP front camera. Currently running on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1,  it also features USB Type-C port and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. The battery life too is pretty good with 3050 mAh.


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