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Android O makes it easier to add custom ringtones and notifications

Android O makes it easier to add custom ringtones and notifications - AndroGuru

Some may say that Android has really never had a very friendly UI when it comes to Settings. So earlier, we either used apps to create ringtones or notification sounds from MP3’s already on the phone, or we would plug in our Android phones into our computer systems and add some new tunes later to be used as tones!

But no more! Here comes Google’s Android O! Now you will be able to customize your ringtones right from your phone, be it a ringtone, notification tone or alarm. You can easily download from the web. Email’s and cloud storage? No problem. You can download it from there too! It does not stop there. The people over at Android Police have revealed that you can also ‘+ add ringtone’ which is seen at the bottom of the list of available phone ringtones/notification sounds.

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Android O was first announced earlier this week. It’s all about presenting to the users a deeper customization experience.

Perhaps not one of the most exciting features or developments to be announced, but it definitely is a good thing. It is certain, that users who don’t often plug their Android device into their computer systems can now enjoy an, up till now, missing feature on their smart phones.

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Sure, it is not the most breakthrough addition Android O brings in. But it is certainly a unique small step forward in the usability arena. It also ensures that users who do not often plug their Android device into their computer and mess around with a third-party file manager can enjoy a long overdue feature of modern phones.

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