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Team AndroGuru
June 2, 2016

The world of smartphones is a dynamic one and keeps on evolving in a rapid fashion. The features and apps that are the entire fad today becomes redundant the next and many features fall by the wayside- even before reaching into hands of consumers in some cases. The world of technology is a brutal one and tech junkies like me and you are always on the lookout for newer and more exciting things for our smartphones. These new apps and exciting features are our drugs and we need more and more and more in order to achieve the next level of high.

I know you all are just like me and are always on the lookout for new things and apps to excite you. But this write up is a bit different. I am not going to tell you about the latest features and apps out there. In fact, today I am going to tell you some of the android features that are already out of fashion. I bring you five of the features that came, went and were forgotten in the rapidly involving world of Android.


If you are all that savvy about technology then you would probably know that Samsung was the first company that integrated a projector into its smartphone – Galaxy Beam to be exact. This particular feature in the smartphone was launched in 2012 and was sadly a bit of a flop largely due to the poor public reception. One of the reasons behind the indifference was the device’s ability to chew through the battery at a fascinating speed. You do not have to scratch your head for long to know the culprit behind the battery chewing – oh yes the projector.  While the whole idea of a projector sounds exciting on paper, if we look a little more practically and technically – it was doomed to be a failure. After Samsung, a lot of other brands tried integrating projectors into their products through strange prototypes and all of them failed quite miserably as expected.

Now, I am not throwing this idea completely into the waste bin yet but I am still sceptical about its success. Latest in line to try this idea is none other than Motorola, and it is strongly rumoured to have developed modular units for its upcoming Moto Z.


Galaxy Beam: a great idea on paper but practically a bit of a failure

Removable batteries

It seems that LG G5 is the only phone with removable battery in today’s smartphones and it has all but disappeared from flagships. There was a time when this feature was considered to be extremely important in smartphones but that time has long since passed and the thing is that most of the users appear to be completely indifferent about this passing.

Today, the tech savvy consumer is all about robust portable batteries, quick charging and wireless charging. All these methods mean that battery woes are a thing of the past and there seems to be less and less people who are complaining about the bygone days of removable batteries.

Removable- batteries

Removable batteries – a thing very rare in flagships today

Infrared sensors

Although, this feature still has a few faithful devotees here and there, one cannot deny the truth that infrared sensors are steadily disappearing from Android smartphones. They seem to be losing their magic touch to other more attractive technologies like NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If this goes on for a while, the IR blaster will simply cease to be relevant.  Televisions which were once considered to be the biggest target for this feature are now unshackling themselves from infrared technology.


IR blasters – steadily becoming a thing of the past

Physical keyboards

It was just yesterday when physical keyboards were considered a very important feature in smartphones. With time these keyboards became more compact and then were replaced by software keyboards. In fact, businessmen who were fans of physical Blackberry QWERTY keyboard are leaving it behind and going for smartphones that have larger screens.


Blackberry’s attempt at resurrecting the physical keyboard was not a big success

Heart rate monitors

Heart rate monitors have seriously gone out of fashion with the exception of Samsung. The reason behind this is the evolution of smartbands and smartwatches and they have played a major role in contributing to the disappearance of this feature from smartphones. Moreover, the result from these smartphone heart rate monitors is often inaccurate and rarely interesting which makes it a forgettable as well as a largely useless feature.

largely-useless- feature

Bye bye heart rate monitors

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