Bluetooth –What is it and how to use it?

Team AndroGuru
June 2, 2016

If you were not living under a rock for the last decade, which I can safely assume you were not then you must have heard about Bluetooth. However, most of you are still unaware what it actually is, how it works and what you can do with it. I will help you fill in the gaps with this guide, I have prepared for you, which will tell you all about the usage of Bluetooth and how you will set it up.

Bluetooth – What Is It?

First and foremost, you need to understand what Bluetooth actually is. Let me define it for you in simple terms. You can call the Bluetooth a wireless communication standard which is used so that you can connect electronic devices and they can interact with each other as an when the need arises. Bluetooth is commonly found in numerous devices and gadgets including smartphones, laptops, loudspeakers and much more.

What makes Bluetooth unique is that it does not rely on Wi-Fi or mobile data or a cell network to work as long as long as devices are Bluetooth compatible and in close proximity to each other. As long as all this is OK, devices can easily take part in the wireless, two way communications.


Bluetooth – Take a look at the Bluetooth symbol in your device

Bluetooth’s version numbers-  What do they mean?

The Bluetooth was first introduced in 1999 and you will hardly find the first version (1.0) on any device these days. Since then Bluetooth has undergone major iterations and the biggest difference between these versions is the speed. The speed at which the latest iteration, Bluetooth 4.2 can transfer data is really fast and is the most efficient amongst all the versions.]

The latest Android smartphones usually carry the Bluetooth 4.0 these days.

Bluetooth-How to check if your phone has it?

Now, I am sure that reading about Bluetooth is getting you all excited to check whether your handset has it or not. Well, if you have an Android smartphone, then chances are high that you have Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a widely applicable and easy to implement component which is also low-cost. So, unless and until your phone is really old or extremely cheap, it should have Bluetooth.

Bluetooth's- version- numbers

You will hardly find an Android phone without Bluetooth

Difference between Bluetooth and NFC

NFC and Bluetooth are not all that different and are quite similar in many ways. In fact if you want faster connections you can use NFC in conjunction with Bluetooth. The main differences between the two include:

  • NFC usually operates at less than 10 cm distances
  • You can use NFC to make mobile payments but Bluetooth cannot do that
  • To use NFC you do not require ‘pairing’ (linking two Bluetooth devices together)- this makes NFC a quicker option to begin data transfer

Although, the newest Bluetooth 4.0 version is said to have a range of at least 200 feet and it transfers data faster than NFC.

Android-phone- without- Bluetooth

NFC and Bluetooth – connect devices wirelessly

Bluetooth – How do I use it?

The first thing that you need to do when you want to use Bluetooth is to ensure it is enabled on your device. To do this Go to settings>Bluetooth and then just swipe the switch to the on position.

In some handsets, you will need to pull down the notification shade from the top of the screen and this is where you will see the Bluetooth icon. You can tap it to enable or disable it.

NFC-and- Bluetooth

How do I pair my phone with a Bluetooth device?

This might sound complicated but is actually very easy to do. Just switch on your Bluetooth device, go to your Smartphone’s Bluetooth menu, and look up for the name of the device you plan to connect with and click on it. You will see that the devices will pair after a few moments.

In some Bluetooth devices you will require to give a PIN for the connection to be made. In case you do not know your PIN, take help from your device manual.

Bluetooth – What can you use it for

For listening to music –This is one of the most common use of Bluetooth. You just connect your smartphones to headphones or wireless speakers and you are good to go.

For hands-free headsets – Another popular use of Bluetooth – just connect small, in-ear devices to your smartphones and you are all set to make calls on the go

For file transfer – Send and receive files with Bluetooth if you are in close proximity with somebody.

Another-popular use of-Bluetooth

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Bluetooth –What is it and how to use it?

If you were not living under a rock for the last decade, which I can safely assume you were not then you must have heard about Bluetooth. However, most of you are still unaware what it actually is, how it works and what you can do with it. I will help you fill in the […]


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