India – The next big smartphone hub

Team AndroGuru
May 25, 2016

The Indian smartphone market is revolutionizing the smartphone market and that is also bringing about changes in the Android world. A lot of factors and there fusion at just the right moment have created an environment of a booming smartphone sales where innovation is in full flow. Let us take a look at how India is becoming the smartphone hub slowly yet steadily and how this will affect the US market.

Indian- smartphone- market

India- the next smartphone hub

Smartphone Market – All heating up

 As we all know that the new Moto G4 and G4 Plus were launched in India. Now Lenovo choose India carefully and this was no accident.  They decided to move into a market where they saw great potential for their flagship smartphones. Lenovo played smart; they read the numbers carefully and decided to capitalize on the potential customers for their devices.

If we go by the data alone, I can say one thing for sure, the Indian smartphone market is booming and if it kept on going on this rate, it will soon eclipse the American market. Let me tell you a few details of research report – right now, India have 204 million smartphone users and USA has 207 million. However, according to trends and market positions, it is predicted that by the year 2019 there will be 317 million smartphone owners in India as compared to 236 million in the US. This means that India will have smartphones owners more than the total population of the US.

This type of growth and progress in the smartphone market of India will fascinate you all and some of you might even feel it to be a hoax but this is nothing but hard facts we are talking about and this spurt is driven by an expansion of the Indian economy and the fact that people now have more disposable income on their hands. According to economic reports, India is now the seventh largest economy in the world and it is still growing. With the growing infrastructure as well as advances in education have now spurred investment from domestic as well as international companies. All these factors clubbed together mean that now smartphone companies are looking at India as their first market.


The Moto G line was launched in India – Lenovo knew the market and targeted it well with this launch

Tech Innovation is the latest fad in India

India is all about innovation in the tech world and that has contributed largely in it becoming a smartphone hub. We already know that there is a boom in apps coming from India and a lot of very talented Indian developers are working round the clock on innovative new programs every day.

If I began to list down the name of India-made apps in this article then there will be no space left for anything else. This is why I will just go with a few internationally well known apps developed in India and they include: SMS Blocker, Parking Frenzy and Zomato.

Moreover, India already has more than ten major smartphone manufacturers in the market which means it can give the Chinese companies a real run for their money. Moreover, these Indian manufacturers offer real low prices as well. With so much going on i.e. smartphone consumption, development and manufacturing at the same time – nothing can stop India from becoming the smartphone hub which also means that it will have major impacts beyond the domestic world.


Zomato – a popular app developed in India

China expands to India

The latest trend with China these days is that whenever they expand out of their local market, they first go into the Indian market. If you remember, at MWC, Xiaomi announced that before going into the US market they will first expand to India and other companies could soon follow suit.

This is a natural progression for China as India is geographically close and already either smartphone components or entire smartphones are being manufactured in India. The market is expanding already so this is also a safe bet for them. Moreover, they now have a safe place to test out the sales of their new device before venturing into the US market where Apple’s hostile legal hurtles await them as always.

US market- How it will be affected

US market will definitely feel the heat as the competition will increase and so will the innovation. India will give out cheaper and more innovative smartphones and will offer large selection of apps in the Play Store.

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