All you need to know About the Top Oculus Rift Games to be launched

Team AndroGuru
April 17, 2016

I know that Oculus Rift is quite a heavy expenditure on our pockets (not to mention the powerful PC it will require to go with it), but no one can deny that their games are worth all that money.

Now a lot of you will frown disapprovingly and say that virtual world is a lot more than just games, but hey you cannot deny that they are important. And I am going to up your excitement level even more because Palmer Luckey, the founder and creator of Oculus VR confirmed that Oculus Rift is coming up with some of the most exciting games of the virtual world soon.

I can see that you are still a little reluctant, so let me entice you a little more- here are some of the most exciting games that will be making an appearance an appearance on Oculus Rift soon.



Now this is one game that needs to be a launch game for Oculus Rift. Since DK 1 EVE ValKYRIE is a much loved and popular name that has been present for every iteration of the Oculus Rift.

A space shooter game, this is a perfect example of how virtual reality needs to be done. You shoot the enemy while sitting in different spacecrafts. It is a multiplayer game and when you play it with your buddies who seem to be flying by your side, it just up the ante a little bit more. Every things feels a bit too real what with stunning visuals and space graphics.



Now all you lovers and fans of Nintendo, platformers or otherswise are going to ecstatic that the Oculus Rift pre-orders are coming with Lucky’s Tale for free. For other newbies let me tell you that Lucky’s Tale is a delightfully interesting game that is exclusively designed for Oculus Rift. The game is about  an adorable little fox Lucky as he climbs, jumps, runs and makes his moves through the games bright and colourful worlds.

As a player you take a third person perspective and you feel like the omnipotent presence for little lucky. Now go ahead find those coins – I can see you are excited to do that.



The Climb is a little more unique from the usual Oculus Rift games and the new IP from Crytek will unarguably be the most intense VR experience that you will have- I know that it was for me.

The game as the name suggest will see you getting on and tackling free solo climbing – an exciting extreme sport.  Free solo climbing as the name itself says is rock climbing which is done without a safety harness, ropes or protective equipment. Now imagine this experience in virtual reality and you will see that it can be pretty intense.

You will have to find handholds, take dangerous leaps from ledge to ledge and then emerge at the top a winner who is very sweaty.



Just writing about this game makes me all excited as it is one of my favourite games for the Rift. Insomniac Games’ Edge of Nowhere is a third person action adventure game that will take you to the very edges of the Antarctic mountains so that you can search an expedition team that has been missing in these isolated and far reaching mountains.

Whenever I play this game I get the feeling of being an Omnipotent surveyor who is accompanying the explorer into a world that is dark, deep and unknown so that he discovers a world that is surreal and extremely terrifying. The game is designed like a great movie and nothing is quite what it seems which is very exhilarating – make sure that you keep your wits and your eyes peeled.



Now I am sure that all of you people have watched Gravity or Interstellar – unless you were living under a rock.  So you can very well understand the perils of space as if you were there yourself. And even if do not know you will know that when you scream in space, no one can hear you- scary is it not.

ADR1FT is going to be launched soon and you can experience the world of space in its most terrifying form through virtual reality. This first person game for Oculus Rift is a story of an astronaut who is floating amongst the wreckage of destroyed space station. Now this astronaut is an EVA suit that is slowly but steadily losing oxygen and he is also suffering from memory loss. Moreover, he seems to be the only survivior.

Now you as the surviving astronaut will have to look for resources amongst the wreckage to stay alive and get through various and plentiful challenges and attempts to get home.

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