Top 5 Best Android Apps for Fashion Bloggers

Team AndroGuru
March 19, 2016

There has always been a great hype about so many Apple products and if we face it in reality, that company can make a fan following like Pamela Anderson on Twitter. Have you ever thought about all those tech-savvy fashionistas who love the Android OS?

We are pretty sure that we are not alone in the feeling that sometimes we Android loyalists are isolated to share the happiness when many apps are released only for iOS but there is no need to fear as we are here to the rescue. It is a hard fact that the Apple Store has more mainstream apps for fashion bloggers but the Google Play Store has a lot of free as well as paid ones that are great for an amateur as well as professional. We have spent some time online compiling the top Google Play Store apps for fashion bloggers and share them with all of you fashion and Android lovers out there.

Pose (Free) 

Pose is not an Pose for Android - Top 5 Best Android Apps for Fashion Bloggers - AndroGurualternate to Instagram but is exclusively fashion oriented. Without any doubt, Pose is one of the fastest growing digital communities in the world of fashion and style. From now on you can upload and share your stylish endeavors with your fan following and the world. When you sign up, you will be shown a generated list of suggested Posers to follow just like on how Twitter works and that is the place where you can let and connect with followers on various social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and the very famous micro-blogging site.

Fashion Style (Free) Fashion Style - Top 5 Best Android Apps for Fashion Bloggers - AndroGuru

This app bring who a whole lot closer to stay updated with designers, designs from everyone from Valentino to Alexander McQueen and everyone who falls in between them. You can check out and review the latest fashion trends straight from the runways and save them for reading and use. If you are a fashion blogger who is online at least 7 hours a day then Fashion Style is the app that you should have on your Android.

Closet Virtual (Free) Closet Virtual for Android - Top 5 Best Android Apps for Fashion Bloggers - AndroGuru

Basically this is a very sneaky and wonderful app for all those fashion oriented people who love to carry their wardrobe around on their phone. With Closet Virtual you can list all the outfits with image, prices and specifications that are hung in your wardrobe. It is pretty sophisticated and at the same time you will always have a closet that is virtual. Fashion bloggers and style icons can forget about worrying what is there in their cupboard. Closet Virtual comes in handy when you go shopping and looking out for something that matches with something already existing in your wardrobe.

Instagram (Free)  Instagram - Top 5 Best Android Apps for Fashion Bloggers - AndroGuru

After Pose for Android, Instagram is the app that is used by many bloggers and to be more precise it is the go to app for showing life through pictures. There are many apps that can work like Instagram but the whole experience of sharing images on Instagram and using hashtags is completely different. Facebook simply did not buy Instagram !

WEAR - Top 5 Best Android Apps for Fashion Bloggers - AndroGuruWEAR – Fashion Lookbook (Free) 

WEAR is widely known as a global community for fashion icons and trendsetters where you can get wonderful inspirations, go shopping online as well as communicate with trendsetters. Apart from just being an app, there are so many things that would make you linger on every screen of the app. It is very easy to use and at the same time there are many added benefits only fashion bloggers will relate to. WEAR won the title of the Apple App Store Best of 2014 in Japan. If you like Japanese fashion or stay in Japan, then this is an app for you also.

Moses J Saldanha - Top 5 Best Android Apps for Fashion Bloggers - AndroGuruMoses J Saldanha (Managing Director at Stenodac Institute for Fashion Designing and Garment Technology) has thrown some light on the current scenario and app use of fashion bloggers on a worldwide scenario. He states that “most fashion bloggers use their presence on social media apps like Instagram among many others to get sponsorship’s which can amount up to $5000 per post. Many women tend to use YouCam Makeup – Makeover Studio to do touch-ups before posting on to their blog”.

Pulse News (Removed from the Google Play Store)

Pulse News is not strictly a fashion app but makes it much easier for you to keep yourself updated in one place as you can add to stories or news to the app so that you can read it later while commuting or even en areas that lack signal. It is pretty simple to use and on the user experience front we would say it is elegant to a different level. We started using this app four months ago and have not looked back ever since.

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