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Language love for Google Translate in South East Asia

Google Translate Community

The world is progressing a lot in the technology arena past few years. The internet world is practically ruled by Google and the search giant wants to make it better for their users. In simple words, Google Translate has been providing free translation for numerous languages and the company is working round the clock to make the experience more accurate. The translation service by Google provides translation in 90 languages. Some languages are not translated accurately so they are building it up to make it better.

We have been working in the Google Translate Community to make it better also. Being a part of this community is totally awesome as you will learn a how the world functions on Google Translate. After the Google I/O 2015, the company is working on ways to make it easier for people to validate and provide language suggestions. Have a look at the place where and how a member of the Translate Community goes about improving the experience. Google is also working on super fast internet is some regions as well as Android. If you have not heard about Google Maps Offline and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Teardown, then you are definitely missing the best part.

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