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WhatsApp Voice Calling

WhatsApp starts rolling out voice calling feature

People across the globe have been waiting for the famous messaging application to be upgraded with a voice calling feature. Finally, WhatsApp has flipped the switch on it as one Reddit user was able to get the feature activated on his number and it is now rolling out to other users across the globe also.

WhatsApp Voice Calling

WhatsApp is going quite slow with the roll-out of this amazing feature. Only people who have the feature i.e those who were called by someone who already has the feature would be receiving the update. Basically, you will either have to wait for a person to call you or wait for the update apk download on the website to release. Looking at the UI, the voice calling feature has provision for individual calls, chats and a contacts tab at the top. The voice call interface is very simple showing the name of the caller and the WhatsApp image of the person you are calling or speaking to. WhatsApp Messenger has always been simple to understand and use. According to source, the company has not officially announced the feature on their blog so there are chances that the feature is still in the testing phase. All we can say as of now is that WhatsApp Messenger is getting bigger and better.

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