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HTC One M8 receiving Lollipop update in Malaysia

Approximately a week ago, there were reports about the HTC One M8 receiving the Android 5.0 Lollipop update. Nothing happened until we just received information that the update is being rolled out to unlocked versions of the One M8 in Malaysia. We have been using the HTC One M8 (Full Review) for more than a year and would recommend it to anyone who has the budget.

New Lockscreen HTC One M8

This Android 5.0 Lollipop update for the M8 is around 650MB bringing in new multitasking, lock screens and notifications update. The HTC One M9 would be having HTC Sense 7 whereas in this update there is not much change in the case of Sense 6. The Google Play Edition of the One M8 received the Lollipop update last month even though HTC had assured that the update would be rolled out “within 90 days of receiving the final software from the search giant Google.”

This is an OTA update so you should be getting a notification. In case you missed the notification and would like to check for the update manually, head over to Settings -> About -> Software. We are happy to see such a good response on the Nokia X2 Giveaway. Those of you who have not yet entered the Giveaway, do it now !!


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