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Qualcomm teaser shows an LG G Flex is on the way

Qualcomm SnapdragonThe LG G Flex has been selling in the market across the globe for quite a long time now and people are fascinated with the self healing technology of the device. Recently, Qualcomm teased the successor of the curved LG G Flex on Twitter. The name of the successor is not known by anyone as of now. The debut of this high-end smartphone will be made in Las Vegas at CES 2015 next week. Samsung is also going to reveal a pair of futuristic wireless speakers.

According to the image in the tweet, we can draw a conclusion that the manufacturers name is not there but it looks like the back of the LG G Flex itself as the device has buttons on the back that are coupled with the distinctive pattern that LG’s self-healing polycarbonate totes. We are sure that the device is an LG device that will be decked inside with the new processor that is made by Qualcomm Technologies.

The tweet also states that the device will pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset. We presume that Qualcomm is referring to the Snapdragon 801 or Snapdragon 805. There is no way a new LG device will be packed with an ld processor. Taking tension about this leak will not change anything. We will be covering CES 2015 so we will provide you will an update on this.

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