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OnePlus denies rumors of shipping refurbished phones

OnePlus OneWe have just come to know that were many complaints where people stated that they have received refurbished phones from OnePlus One. Once the issue increased bit, OnePlus decided to speak on the matter and let is die down.

According to a post of the forum, OnePlus has spoken about seven incidents where the buyers reported receiving a refurbished unit. The confusion started from the fact that some units had boxes that were open, scratches on the device, existing old photos from camera already on the device, OS already setup out-of-the-box and even an extra screen protector on smartphone.

The company spoke about each of the seven cases with some cases having proper explanation as to why the smartphone could not be refurbished and some cases where the OnePlus team is working on to reasons. Apart from all said and done, the company is very sure that there were no refurbished units dispatched and shipped.

Existing were some doubts regarding whether or not the displays on the OnePlus One were Gorilla Glass 3 as was claimed by the company in the specifications list. All those doubts have also been cleared by the company. The OnePlus One is a fantastic phone on a overall basis. We have had Android users who are willing to switch over to the OnePlus One and sell the old good Android smartphone.

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