Five games for Android you must have today

Team AndroGuru
March 11, 2014

Five Android Games

Android games are becoming more and more advanced with every day that goes by. Some of them have already started competing with console and PC gaming in graphic and game-play quality. The sheer number of games can be daunting, which makes it hard for us to find the best ones on the market fast and enjoy memorable experiences. If you own an Android device, these 5 games should definitely be on your list.

Chaos Ring II

Charos Rings 2

Do you love RPGs, Square Enix’s RPG games? Then this beautiful Android game is exactly what you need. Chaos Ring II combines the sheer insane hair styling, impractical fashion choices and ludicrous yet engaging story lines to make RPGs so much fun, and it even adds a dash of flair to boot.

The gameplay is a fairly standard turn-based battle affair with the rest of the game spent visiting well designed and animated places across a fantasy world. Battles can become stale after a while especially if you’re in the same area but that’s to be expected with a JRPG, especially the kind of old school spirit this evokes.



Dead Trigger II

Dead Trigger 2

WOW, no seriously WOW was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this lovingly created Zombie survival first-person shooter. Essentially, this is a single player Left for Dead clone where you control a survivor in a zombie strewn city trying to well…..survive.

The game play is nothing that hasn’t been done elsewhere to the same effect but what’s really interesting is the sheer professional grade shine this game possesses. This looks like it could have graced a PS3 or Xbox 360 variant quite happily. The only major drawback are the small area sizes and regular loading screens between them, but the Android system can do only so much and the small size allows smooth mobile gaming on your tablet and phone.




Pieced together by Google’s new start up Nitanic Labs, Ingress is an augmented reality online multiplayer game which you will most likely see plastered across the new Google glasses in the future. The concept is simple: it’s the future and there’s an underground cyber war going on. You uncover this mysterious war through information pop-ups and videos as you walk around your daily life using your phone’s camera to uncover other users.

The language used in the game has a really futuristic appeal and the inclusion of the game’s assets on top of your camera or Google glasses screen is impressive. The idea of waging a futuristic cyber war using high technology shades is definitely a massive plus.


Star Command

Star Command

You are captain John Nuke Packard of the starship and you boldly explore the galaxy and defend your crew from hostile unknown races. Star Command is all about leading a spaceship and exploring the universe, fighting hostile aliens, so if sci-fi games are your thing, this Android game will blow you away.

The game-play and story elements can be enthralling and the combat is action packed enough to keep you fighting for weeks. The game itself is linear with doop rooted RPG elements to customize the experience. That being said, Star Command is a must-have for anyone who’s ever fantasized about being a future spaceship captain.


Robbery Bob

Robbery Bob

This sleek RPG is a down stealth thievery game where you attempt to relieve people of their belongings while avoiding paid security. Robbery Bob is fun and can be quite intense, a stealth arcade game that’ll keep you hooked for hours. Can you handle the pressure? Robbery Rob is such a sneaky, fun game to play on your Android tablet or phone. It really makes crime fun, not to mention that the character itself is absolutely hilarious.





This article is being authored by a regular guest blogger Jason Phillips. He is interested in writing about video gaming and popular tech. He also owns a number of online gaming sites Car Games 365.
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