Sundar Pichai did not say Android’s openness makes it less secure

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February 28, 2014

Sundar Pichai had some rather interesting quotes for reporters attending the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. Some of the things stated were a bit controversial so it is a bit difficult to get the exact said things stated.

Sundar Pichai

Certain reports have quoted saying, “There is no guarantee that Android is designed to be safe, the format was designed to give more freedom.” It is an open source mobile platform which is meant to be for leaning and experimenting and at the same time to progress in terms of mobile operating systems.

Google has moved to dismiss these reports by providing an exact transcript of what Sundar Pichai had said at MWC 2014 in Baecelona.

Sorry, the premise of the question is because Android is open, it has more security issues? With all due respect, I am not sure that is a correct premise of the question. Historically, open platforms undergo a lot of trial and scrutiny, but there are a lot of advantages to having an open source mobile platform from a security standpoint. I would argue that it is the best way for a platform to be secure, because every researcher in the world can inspect it, every developer in the world can inspect it, and I think that contributes a lot to Android security. Android was built to be very, very secure as long as you are on a phone and able to update. I would go as far to say open systems are far more secure.

Sundar Pichai refrained from sharing any information on the next Nexus device by Google, though he indicated that Nexus fans will only be able to have a look at it in the second half of 2014 according to certain other reports.

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