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Samsung to show off their first custom processor at CES 2014

Samsung Exynos Processor

Processors and their speeds drive people crazy and when it comes to gaming, the young gamers are totally ready to invest in the best and the latest. Samsung has been making its own processors for a lot time now and recently they have brought in something to show the world that had sort of ruptured the competition. Earlier the Exynos Dual-Core processors were blazing fast but with Qualcomm stepping up, there has been some serious competition.

The Exynos processors are based on ARM architecture while Qualcomm processors are based on a custom architecture. In order to bring a balance and stand up, Samsung is now building a custom processor that will be fully compatible with the ARM instruction set, hence it is not limited by the standard architecture but will work like any other processor. It will be 64-bit processor which will be called the Exynos S. Samsung is planning to show off the processor on 7th January 2013 at CES.

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