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Rope Escape

Rope Escape

There are many Android games on the Google Play Store which are highly addictive like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Balloon Bow & Arrow and many others. Deemedya is one Android app publisher on the Google Play Store which has launched Rope Escape that is being talked about as well as downloaded much more over various Android devices across the globe. Rope Escape is a highly addictive game with thrills in the jungle.

The game revolves around a young jungle boy who has to be launched into the air via a catapult into the deep heart of the jungle and has to be swung through the trees high into the sky. As a Rope Escape gamer, you got to escape the chasing savages by swinging not only from the trees but from rocks originally intended for you.

Kindly remember that you have to use the rope wisely to escape from the savages and reach new heights in order to rake in more coins. At the same time, you can use the flying catapulted rocks to swing even faster and higher through the air with addition to zeppelins to swing in the high skies and bring the zeppelins down to earn achievements.

If you sign into “Rope Escape” via your Facebook account you can see stats on your performance and where you stand against your others friends who also play Rope Escape. The entire jungle experience is taken online. Rope Escape is compatible on all Android devices which run on Android 2.1 and above.

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