Nokia plans about wearable instead of Android devices

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December 17, 2013


The is a lot of discussion that Nokia is working on Android-powered devices was met with great excitement, even when the rumors stated that the company is looking to fork Android. CTechnology has some insider information about the status of the project and it really seems that the news in not good.

The Android development was led by Peter Skillman who is the Former Vice President MeeGo UX and Services Design and current Head of Design for HERE. Peter Skillman was also Vice President of Design at Palm until 2010 around the time the Palm Pre came out.

If we had to pick someone to do a fork of Android, Peter Skillman sounds like the guy for the job and Nokia was working on several Android devices which includes a 7″ tablet powered by Snapdragon 400 Processor as per reports.

Phones are currently out of the picture for Nokia now and the company will instead focus on wearables with augmented reality and flexible displays, wireless power transmission and electromagnetic energy generation.

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