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Android KitKat

Indian winners of Android KitKat being given an old model of the Nexus 7

Android KitKat

There is a lot of irritation as earlier Google and Nestle in collaboration had started a promotion contest for Android 4.4 KitKat in which they had planned to give people a chance to win a 2013 Nexus 7 tablet. For that, all one needed to do was to purchase the special KitKat packs with the Android logo on them and text message the code seen inside the wrapper to a particular number.

As of now the contest being over, the winners are getting their hands on a brand new 2013 Nexus 7 across the globe. There is one country which is falling out of the list which is India, where Nestle organized the contest and thought it was cool to give last year’s model instead (2102) as per source. Numerous winners from India who participated in the contest were promised the same 2013 model just as everyone else in the promotional material but when it came to actually giving away the device, Nestle really pulled a fast one and decided to give away the 2012 model to all the winners across India. We just feel that this is totally unfair and something should done to help Indian winners get an equal part in this contest.

Listing to Nestle, their reasoning behind this is that the new 2013 model was just launched in India and that the contest was started before it went on sale. So what we are putting forth to their reason is that if that was the case, Nestle should have mentioned it right from the beginning that they will be giving away the 2012 model and not display the 2013 model in every one of their promotion. Nestle has mislead people and made them spend big bucks on the purchase of their chocolate and at the same time they are not being fair.

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