Google Voice Search gets an international upgrade

Team AndroGuru
December 6, 2013

French Eiffel Tower

Recherche vocale Google a été mis à jour – pour en savoir plus, s’il vous plaît lire le texte ci-dessous.

You must be wondering what is typed above but now Google helps the user to detect and gather information Google does help you gather information just by speaking out the question. Google has always been making it simple for years now. For example you need some cappuccino in Munich, just say “Wo bekomme ich Kaffee in München?” and Google will instantly locate and display local places in the vicinity and even over a wide area.

According to the the official Google Search Blog,  if you do speak French, Japanese or German, Google can now help you find information faster by speaking out answers to your questions in your respective native language. This recent update allows users to get the spoken answers to various types of questions in French, German and Japanese with the Google Search app installed on your Android device.