Nvidia: Android is the most versatile operating system we’ve ever known

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November 10, 2013


Jen-Hsun Huang (Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Nvidia) has been singing the praises of Android during a conference call with some analysts.

Following the announcement of Nvidia’s third quarter of financial results Jen-Hsun Huang went on to praise Google’s Android. Jen-Hsun Huang says;

Android is the most disruptive operating system that we have seen in a few decades in a couple of decades.Android is probably the most versatile operating system that we have ever known and has the benefit of also being connected to the cloud. And so the day that you turn it on, it is incredibly useful with all kinds of applications already ready on it and functions with ease and speed.

Later he adds that ” We have some for WinRT/Surface but our main focus is that going forward the great majority of Windows on ARM will be Surface and the vast majority of everything else in Tegra is Android. Android is not just about smartphones, it is much more. “

“Visual computing is increasingly spreading out to more and more markets ” said Jen-Hsun Huang in a statement.

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