LG to launch an Android device with “Always On” voice command

Team AndroGuru
November 19, 2013


LG is looking to make a big impact in the smartphone market in the year 2014. They have some amazing devices in their lineup with some really amazing features. Some of our highly placed sources tells us that the Korean giants are planning to launch a smartphone with “always on” voice command in 2014.

This means users will be able to use the entire device just by their voice unlike Apple’s Siri and Google Now search which just allows users to utilize only some features.

For example utilizing the voice command on this LG device will allow a user to zoom in and out of Google Maps, take snapshots and do almost everything unlike other voice assistants that only allow the users to launch applications and search for information. This new phone will be powered by the beast Snapdragon 800 CPU and is rumoured to hit markets all around the world by mid 2014.


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