Android Studio 0.3.6 Released

Team AndroGuru
November 15, 2013

Android 0.3.6

Developers are in for a treat again as Google has released the Android Studio 0.3.6 which brings in several fixes to important issues in Android Studio 0.3.4 and Android Studio 0.3.5. This will be a whole lot better and introduce a better developing experience to all Android developers.

Issues Resolved :

  1. Issue 62146: Unable to open New Module wizard, IDE freezes
  2. Issue 61939: Recent edits are not reflected in compiled app. (Also fixed related issues 62129 and 62168).
  3. New Intellij EAP merge (to 132.1045: Release notes)
  4. Issue 60916: Studio not able to run tests of a Java module
  5. Issue 61488 : exclude build/res folder
  6. Issue 61860: File choosers in Project Structure should create relative paths
  7. Issue 61829: Allow Project Structure to deal with relative module names
  8. Issue 60729: Mark res folders as resource folders
  9. Issue 61769: Fix template such that NavigationDrawer does not crash on older versions
  10. Other project template changes (for example, move name primary module “app” and don’t always append “Project”)
  11. New lint check which finds usages of check*Permission without consulting the return value (probably meant to use enforce*Permission)

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