Samsung Galaxy S5 Specifications leaked

Team AndroGuru
October 8, 2013

There is a lot of going on on the Internet with speculations on the next-generation Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphone. According to source , the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 will be water-resistant and dust-resistant just like the Sony Xperia Z1 . Samsung is working on a dust and water-proof version of Galaxy Note 3 which is likely to be called Galaxy Note 3 Active.


Looking down the line , Samsung would be treading the path of Sony which has several water- and dust-proof devices. Earlier this year, Samsung launched several variants of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and including Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

Samsung has developed a new 13MP sensor that might be featured in the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and added is the feature to capture images eight times brighter than those captured by the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

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