Foursquare launches active location for Android

Team AndroGuru
August 30, 2013

Foursquare is thinking and getting prepared to add significant features to its existing mobile portfolio with a sort of active push notifications for all Android app users.

Foursquare View on an Android device

Foursquare View on an Android device

Instead of waiting for users to check in to a place to provide them with recommendations the company is taking advantage of Android’s liberal background update policy along with its excellent notification abilities to push recommendations for places it thinks users may wish to visit or the dishes that could be eaten or landmarks that could be visited. Foursquare thinks it has enough data to send accurate suggestions with 4 billion check-ins and 32 million tips have created an extensive database of locations which makes it possible to send its users unobtrusive notifications.


This is not a sort of a marketing technique but will get users connected and more into the travelling experience. A turn off feature is provided for the same is said by a source.

The pilot or also known as the beta will begin with a few thousands Android users and the Foursquare has said that battery drain is negligible which runs around 20 minutes per day. The update will begin with select Android users for the moment.

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