Fake BBM App Online : Do not Download

Nigel Quadros
August 13, 2013

Earlier this year, Thorsten Heins ( CEO of BlackBerry ) announced that BBM for Android will be going multi-platform sometime in 2013 and becoming available to Android users. It was thought about a lot and people felt that they could now get rid of their Blackberries and use BBM on their Android devices.

Fake BBM App ( Screen 1 )

Fake BBM App ( Screen 1 )

Screenshot 2

Fake BBM App ( Screen 1 )

At the moment there is a serious threat and alert set out by a known source that and application called BBM Droid, will not install the actual messenger client on Android devices but is thoughtfully designed to enable them to download it afterwards. The app is prices at (Rs.90.96/-) $1.49 for download on Google Play Store but it will never actually be the right app even in the future and will not deliver what is supposed to be , a known source reports.

Users will be reluctant to download it or no because it looks very tempting to try it out at the most but the main fact that it was designed was to download an .apk file upon installation sounds very fishy as the code may contain some malware or even threat to the Android OS of your device. Users who have gone ahead and downloaded this paid app have also said that the BBM messages are not getting sent so it it better to avoid this situation and wasting time. When the official BBM App for Android is released , you could freely go ahead and download it because it is legitimate.

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