Digg Reader launched for Android

Nigel Quadros
August 30, 2013

Digg is used by millions of Android users worldwide but it was being used via normal browsers until just recently , the Digg Blog has said that the Digg app for Android includes Digg Reader which is all optimized for your Android device and is uploaded on the Google Play Store for free having a 4.0 User Rating.

Digg Reader now on Android

Digg Reader now on Android

Features :
  1. Digg’s Top Stories can be swiped back and forth as well as through any feed or folder in Digg Reader.
  2. Save or Digg any story that interests you or send it to Instapaper, Readability or Pocket (automatically upon save, if you choose) and share to Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, text or any other share-able app on your device.
  3. Digg Reader items can be sorted out according to popularity.
  4. Google, Facebook or Twitter account can be used to log into Digg Reader.
  5. Search Digg Top Stories.
  6. Add and search for new feeds.
  7. Create, organize , edit and delete folders.
  8. Diggs can be automatically to a Facebook timeline.

Download : Digg for Android

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