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New Trio of Verizon Motorola Droid Phones

When it comes to Motorola , the Motorola RAZR created an impact years ago and now it is time for the droids to enter the Android world. Each and every droid is designed in a different way and there are three new Android devices which are added to the collection and they are :

  1. Droid Ultra
  2. Droid Maxx
  3. Droid Mini

The above three devices are going to hit the market shelves this August 2013 and they have clear hardware differences from each other but together they share advanced new features which allow users to control the phone with their voice or gestures. The three phones are in order of their names in the photo provided below.

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All the phones are available today for pre-order, but will not be shipped until August 2013 . The Droid Ultra and Maxx will be out on 20th August 2013 and the Mini on 29th August 2013 so there is no need to run around here and there finding out more about it.

Motorola says ;

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The new Droid phones will still be made overseas and it is said to be one of the first phones worked on since Motorola was acquired by Google in 2011, is expected to be available on all the major U.S. carriers which include Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. 

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