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Image Source : PopHerald

Moto X will be announced on 11th July 2013 ?

Image Source : PopHerald
Image Source : PopHerald

Looking at the image above , the shapes of the man and the woman jumping off into the water represent something. If you are unable to figure out the same , it is the Roman numerals of ” X “ and ” I “. A video below will give you more information about what is going on regarding the Moto X and related news.

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The theory behind the image and other related things is the fact that Leo Laporte was invited to a small press event at Motorola by Guy Kawasaki on 10th July 2013 and 11th July 2013. Several rumors point to the Moto X launching sometime in August, a July 11 product announcement is not believable. There is no evidence at all and it may all be just a big rumor for all you know.

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